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Working Together

IDEATE2INNOVATE specializes in new idea development & market testing

**Now serving social media enthusiasts, small business owners & new idea founders**

Our Valued Clients & Affiliates

Ideate2Innovate has worked with some of the top emerging INSURETECH clients and Incubators across the U.S., helping them to solve real problems, develop their business models, and fill service gaps. We work 1:1 with our clients to better understand where they are experiencing the most friction. We then mutually develop and execute plans that alleviate the pain.

What We Do

  • Guide startups through the innovation process

  • Support startups to validate early assumptions in a disciplined manner

  • Help startups to test new concepts and ideas

  • Provide next step recommendations for idea development

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How We Add Value

  • We use a proven industry process

  • We provide access to turnkey, customizable tools thus allowing speed to market

  • We increase confidence in idea development process

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Some of Our Valued Clients To Date

jjconsulting_logo 5.png

UNC Ventureprise

jjconsulting_logo 4.png

NC Idea

image (1).webp

RevTech LABS

jjconsulting_logo 2.png

Munich Reinsurance America


Sure Inc.

jjconsulting_logo 3.png

Straker Translations

jjconsulting_logo 6.png

Lorraine Kameisha

Our Testimonials

What We're Doing


Partnering with NC IDEA to support the state innovation ecosystem through the evaluation of new ideas

Partnering with UNCC Ventureprise to teach regional startups


Supporting REVTECH LABS and women-owned startup S.I.T. through advisory services

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